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Colourscribe Video Filming & Editing Service


Videography services for Events, Company functions, musical and so much more.

Coupled with our DVD publishing capability to provide you with a all-in-1 solution! Contact us for more details.

Introducing the New Video filming service that is fully integrated with DVD Publishing.

Have your seminars,events and concertsFILMED, EDITED and PUBLISHED by US for a hassle free project. We can even convert your videos to .flv format and upload them to websites like YouTube which can be linked to your own website. We also go one step further by providing lettershop services so that your DVDs can get posted to your target audience on time.

Thinking of selling your DVDs? We can help in the DISTRIBUTION of your DVDs too! For a more professional look, you can request that your DVDs be wrapped in plastic sheets.

Unsure of how the response will turn out? Why not try it out first on a demand publishing basis? In this case, we will only publish the first 10 copies of your videos and the number of subsequent copies published will depend on the orders that come in. This way, you do not have to hold on to any inventory.

Let us fulfill your orders for you with just a small administrative fee. In short, let us take care of the whole publishing and distribution process for you.

We believe that we can help our customers by doing what we do best, so that they can concentrate on what they do best.


Kindlycontact us for quotations.

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Production Time

The amount of time required for production depends on our workload at the time all necessary materials and payment have been received.

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Terms and Conditions

Kindly read ourTerms and Conditions carefully before placing an order with us as they are binding for all orders placed with Colourscribe.

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